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Car accidents can cause serious injuries that permanently alter your life. These injuries can affect your personal life, your professional life, along with the lives of those you care most about. If another driver is at fault for the car accident, they will likely have liability insurance, as required by Washington State Law. You can be confident an experienced and skilled claims adjuster will be assigned by the at-fault parties insurance company to represent the interests of the at-fault driver. As this is likely your first time dealing with insurance companies, it is essential to approach the situation with care and an understanding of your options. It is likely the insurance company representing the interest of the negligent driver will attempt to obtain a recorded statement from you discussing the facts of the collision along with your injuries and symptoms. Anything you say can be used against you in future proceedings. As such, it is important to discuss your situation with experienced car accident lawyers who has represented hundreds of individuals with car accident claims.

Car Accidents: One of Bellevue & Washington State’s leading causes of injury

You’re not alone. Car accidents are one of the leading causes of death and injury in Bellevue, Seattle & Washington State. A variety of factors play into this:  high speeds, weather conditions, distractibility, driver impairment, not using seat belts, negligence and not obeying traffic laws, regulations & observing signs. Regardless of the situation we at McNeese & Trotsky PLLC have a years of experience both communicating with our clients, navigating the myriad of insurance laws, regulations and complexities, as well as helping our clients navigate the legal system in such a way as to be compensated for any measure of harm, injury or death involved.

Types of Injuries Covered Due to Bellevue Car Accidents:

Being involved in a car accident can mean life threatening injuries, exorbitant and high medical expenses, property damage, physical, mental and emotional discomfort, and an inability to work leading to subsequent lost wages & earnings.

Types of injuries our legal team at McNeese & Trotsky PLLC is equipped and well experienced addressing due to car accidents are:  Traumatic Brain Injuries, whiplash, spinal cord injuries, fractures, limbs or soft tissue, facial injuries and internal injuries.

It’s not just that our legal team seeks to recover the maximum coverage and compensation on your behalf, it’s how we do it: through clear, personable and consistent communication with you on the front end and through maneuvering and handling the technical and complicated world of insurance policies, coverage and legal corridors on the back end. Our team has extensive experience on both sides of this equation when handling and resolving claims due to car accidents in Bellevue .

There are also emotional and psychological issues as a result of car accidents that are considered and addressed when seeking compensation. Whether that is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, stress related issues, depression, fatigue, confusion, memory issues, anxiety and general psychological discomfort, these are important issues to address and evaluate when seeking full compensation and resolving the issue at hand.

The Complex Corridors of Car Accident Litigation and Insurance:

This – along with communication from our skilled team – is where our lawyers really shine. Adam Trotsky is a pro when dealing with insurance companies and push back, complexities and complications that can and do arise when getting fair compensation from insurance companies for our clients. A lot of car accidents, along with other claims around motorcycle accidents, traumatic brain injuries, bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, etc, are not so much seeking compensation from the opposing party’s individuals as it is in seeking what is covered and due in such a circumstance from the insurance company of record, whether that is related to property or business owners in premise liability cases, nursing home abuse, or anything to do with personal injury law in Bellevue. The same is true for car accidents in Bellevue & Seattle. Addressing insurance companies is critical to your success and compensation in these unfortunate circumstance, and that is where our team really shines.

Creating and determining elements of the demand letter as well as subsequent negotiations with all parties involved can be intimidating and complicated. This is where both Adam and Charles McNeese have not only a lot of experience, but a natural ability and record of success.

If settlement in the above scenario can’t be reached, our team is well equipped, qualified and seasoned in approaching resolution through filing a lawsuit. Most of the time our team is able to resolve the issue outside of this final option.

If you’re involved in a car accident in Bellevue, WA, here’s what to do:

Contact our team for a free review of your case: please call 206-332-1918 for a free review of your car accident case in Bellevue or Seattle, or any other personal injury case you may encounter.

We’ll answer any and all of your questions regarding claims, insurance, and ramifications of your case as we see it

Investigative phase: obtaining information, evidence and communications imperative to building and winning your case

Information gathering in the form of witnesses, medical records, bills, documents, x rays, doctor communications, and full review and documentation of your injuries both as they present at the onset of injury, and as they progress.

Represent you through all insurance claims processes

Communication: this is where our team at McNeese & Trotsky PLLC really shine. Our firm is known not only for reach out, but quick turn around and response to all our client needs and communications as it relates to their case. Friendly, transparent and precise communication and interaction is our primary goal in responding to you and your concerns.

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